Hi everyone,



So a few years ago I was one of the quietest people ever and everything I did had to please everyone otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I was like this for most of my life I cared more about people’s opinion of me rather than enjoying my life and everything that I did. I always believed that if I did everything right and how others wanted me to be, everyone would like me and I wouldn’t have any confrontations with anyone however was wrong.




I didn’t really have much confidence I hated speaking out and speaking to people I didn’t know I wouldn’t really socialise or go to many events, I would only do things with my really close friends. However as I have gotten older I have learn that those little things that I used to bother about don’t matter and those people opinions don’t matter but what does matter are the things that I missed out on because of that.



Junior Miss Lancashire




I have grown to figure out that the world if is filled with people who no matter what you do , how you are, what you achieve and what you don’t achieve will just simply not like you . However the world is also filled with many loving people who will be with you no matter what you do and support you through everything.



Junior Miss Lancashire




Don’t waste your time and heart trying convince people of your value and of yourself worth and putting yourself out trying to seek others approval. Remember who you are and what you stand for and respect others opinions of you but brush off the negative ones and don’t let it have an impact on your life. If I had of carried on trying to please everyone I would have never of achieved the thing that I have today.




Junior Miss Lancashire



Seek to share your path with those who recognise your gifts and accept you for who you are.



Speak soon



Your Junior Miss Lancashire,



Ammie ?xxx