Hi I’m Ammie, your newly crowned Junior Miss Lancashire 2016.



I am 16 years old and currently studying at Lytham St Anne’s Technology and Performing Arts college.



Junior Miss Lancashire was my first ever heat and I was lucky enough to take the crown and be awarded Junior Miss Lancashire Publicity and Junior Miss Lancashire Eco which are two other fantastic awards. 



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Considering this is my first blog I am going to start of my telling you my experiences on the final and the preparation for the final.



All the girls who took part were absolutely amazing and should definitely come back and take part in another heat, I would encourage everyone to.



Their efforts were outstanding.









The Junior Miss heats are a life changing experience and open up so many opportunities and people will always take something different away from these events.





Junior Miss Lancashire




Everyone is unbelievably supportive on the night and in the run up, everyone accepts and embraces each other’s differences and there will always be a chance to make friends for life.




The rehearsals during the day are really fun and go so quick.  Each person has something different to offer and we all learn and help each other be the best we can be. During the day everyone recognise each person efforts and appreciates.









The Final is absolutely amazing, it’s so much fun and it isn’t about who can spend £500 on a dress or who can bring in the best makeup artist it’s about letting your personality shine through and how you are as an overall person, whilst gaining a whole load of confidence for life.  




IMG_0246 IMG_0501


























In the preparation to the final the charity work is a lot but it’s nice to put effort into it as it’s very rewarding just helping others.



I feel that it helps you become a better person as I have never had the chance to do so much work and I loved doing it. It also opens up may opportunities, especially if you have a passion for something for example art which is what I am passionate about.









With the charity work you can be as creative as you like in how you raise the money – from a sponsored skydive to a cake sale the choice is yours. The publicity side of it is also amazing it helps you find yourself as a person and get your name out there. The more you do the more you get out of it. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try ” 



Your Junior Miss Lancashire 



Ammie xxx